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Should I Compare Taxi Insurance Online?

Insurance comparison sites. They’re everywhere. And they have a tendency to make over-inflated promises of ‘comprehensive insurance you won’t find anywhere else!’ This is not always the case, especially when it comes to taxi insurance comparison sites. When you compare taxi insurance online, you are effectively being delivered some of the cheaper options, potentially from

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Taxi insurance add-ons – which do you need?

Taxi breakdown cover

Here at Cover My Cab we understand that sometimes things just don’t go your way. We think that taxi drivers should always be prepared for the worst, to ensure that you have the correct cover for every possible situation. We offer a wide range of taxi insurance extras that you can add on to your

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Winter Driving Tips For Cabbies

Taxi in winter snow

As a taxi driver, you generally spend much more time on the road than the average road user, but more experience doesn’t mean that you’re not at risk from dangerous driving conditions. Being as prepared as possible can help to combat some of the more extreme weather that winter can throw our way. From strong

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Are Taxi Drivers Required to Help Disabled Passengers?

As a taxi driver, flexibility is part of the job – helping elderly passengers with their bags or taking your passengers to an unfamiliar destination. But what about wheelchair access? Are you ever in a position to refuse a fare for a disabled passenger? Read our guide below on the regulations for wheelchair accessible drivers

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What Taxi Insurance Cover Is Right For You?

As a taxi driver, your car is not just a vehicle, it’s your business. Therefore, making sure it is fully insured is vitally important. If your car is not insured correctly, then one accident could result in you losing your most important asset. Late-night driving, navigating busy inner-city roads, airport drop-offs and increased mileage can

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Taxi Fleet Insurance from Mercury Insurance Brokers

Taking out new individual policies for each driver in your taxi firm can be time consuming and often very expensive. So, if you have more than five vehicles operating in your taxi business, then our fleet insurance policies offered by Mercury could be the ideal choice for your fleet of taxis or executive vehicles. Mercury Insurance

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Insuring your Taxi Base Office

After ensuring your vehicles and drivers are insured, it is important to have the correct insurance for your taxi base office. Your premises will need to be covered in the event of potential damage to itself or the persons inside, whether they are employees or members of the public. That’s why taxi base office insurance is

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Why use a specialist taxi insurance broker?

By working with specialist taxi insurance brokers, you’re much more likely to get a policy that is tailored exactly to your particular business needs. Still not convinced? Here’s why you should rely on specialist taxi insurance brokers for your taxi insurance policy. You’ll save time. Time that most of us don’t have to research what

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What causes road traffic accidents and how do you avoid them?

Causes of road accidents are vast and varied, but the answer to avoiding collisions usually comes down to the same thing – staying calm and concentrating. Road accident statistics show that there are thousands of accidents caused on UK roads each year. With increased levels of concentration, care and awareness, this figure could be significantly

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