What is Public Liability Insurance for taxi drivers and do I need it?

Public liability insurance is designed to give you invaluable protection against any damage or accidents caused to third parties, as well as their belongings. You won’t usually find this type of cover included as part of your existing insurance policy, so it’s important to consider adding it on to ensure that you and your business are protected against any claims made by passengers.
Many drivers are unaware that a passenger’s safety and well-being is still their responsibility whilst the passenger is getting in and out of their vehicle.

So what does this mean for you?

This means that you could be liable if the passenger gets injured or if any of their belongings get damaged. If you ever find yourself in the position where a passenger injures themselves or damages any of their belongings while entering or exiting your taxi, you can rest assured you’ll be covered by Cover My Cab.

FACT: Public liability insurance is not to be confused with Passenger Liability Insurance, which only covers the occupants of the vehicle while still inside in the event of an accident or crash. Public liability insurance not only covers you for third party accidents where your normal policy does not, but it also allows you to assist your passengers in entering and exiting the vehicle with their baggage, without having to worry about accidental damage caused to their property.

Why do I need Public Liability Insurance?

Well, without it, any public liability claims made against you could result in significant costs for you or your company – and nobody wants that.
Regardless of whether you work for public hire, private hire or even as a chauffeur, it is important that all drivers consider taking out public liability insurance.

What types of Public Liability insurance are available?

Cover packages can range in their levels of protection. At Cover My Cab, we offer great value public liability insurance for taxi drivers, with policies that cover claims between £5 million and £10 million. Dependent on what is most suitable for you, our policies can be taken out in one, two, three, six month or yearly policies.

Who does Public Liability Insurance apply to?

The simple answer to that is, everyone! If you drive a public or private hire vehicle, or you’re a chauffeur driving an executive vehicle, then Public Liability insurance is definitely an add-on you should consider. Though not legally required, it is still highly advised that drivers take out the policy.
If you are a chauffeur or taxi driver and wish to work in conjunction with schools and councils, you could find yourself restricted without Cover My Cab’s public liability insurance. Public services such as these often rely on the cover of the taxi driver in case a child under their care gets injured while entering or exiting the vehicle – and so request that drivers and businesses have public liability insurance prior to agreeing to work with them.
Costs for a public liability policy are much cheaper than the potential costs of defending yourself against a liability claim if uninsured. In most cases, your public liability policy can be added to your existing taxi insurance policy for a small premium – it’s that simple. At Cover My Cab, we can offer you exclusive rates depending on prior taxi driving or chauffeur driving experience.

Let Cover My Cab help you with all your insurance needs

Many drivers are now making the decision to add public liability insurance to their existing taxi insurance plan. Avoid the possibility of being unable to pay the costs of a claim made against by getting your taxi public liability insurance. In the long run, a comprehensive public liability insurance policy will mean that you are protected against potential claims – which is much better than running the risk of a massive payout if you’re not covered.
Cover My Cab has decades of insurance experience, and is dedicated to providing you with exclusive quotes available for both public and private hire drivers. For more information on public liability insurance from Cover My Cab or to speak to one of our experts, call us on 0345 456 4444, and one of our team will be happy to help.

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